Email is Migrating to Mobile. Are You?

Oct 18

An ExactTarget blog post a few weeks ago caught my attention because it featured an excellent graphic that clearly shows how fast mobile email consumption has grown over the past year. The reason this is so important is simple… email still remains a “killer app” in terms of driving attendance and registration dollars for shows. The challenge for event marketers is that this killer app … Read the...

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Tablets in Heavy Use at One Million Net Square Foot Paris Motor Show

Oct 12

While the overall global auto industry is growing, the Western European segment faces significant challenges… 40% of the plants are operating under breakeven, some markets are trending at a 20-year low in demand, and European passenger car sales are projected to drop 7% this year, according to a June 2012 report by AlixPartners. Considering this data, we were not sure what to expect when we … Read the...

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