Looking for Visitors from Europe? Try SMS Ads

Dec 09

According to a press release issued by comScore, Inc. in London last month, SMS dominated the mobile advertising landscape in the EU5 countries (UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy). According to comScore, SMS ads reached 100 million people, representing 43.6 percent of the 230.5 million EU5 mobile users in September 2010. Text messaging ranks highest by a wide margin in terms of mobile content usage, … Read the...

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MMA Mobile Marketing Forum: ‘Why is Mobile Marketing So Effective?’

Dec 02

A few weeks ago, I attended the Mobile Marketing Association’s (MMA) Mobile Marketing Forum in Los Angeles. One of the slides in a presentation by an executive from mobile marketing and advertising company, Hipcricket, was entitled “Why is Mobile Marketing So Effective?”, and featured a graphic which really encapsulated the key drivers of mobile marketing. In this week’s post, I share this graphic with you … Read the...

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