Apple iOS Versus Google Android: Numbers to Know for Event Marketers

Jul 21

As you look at the recent numbers from Apple’s Q3 2011 earnings call on Tuesday and Google’s Q2 2011 earnings call last week, it is hard not to be amazed by how fast these mobile platforms are scaling, and how much things have changed in a short time. These platforms certainly have significant differences. For example, Android allows flash, iOS does not. There are several … Read the...

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What Does the New Smartphone Share Data Mean to Event Marketers?

Jul 07

I have not talked about smartphone market share for a while so in this week’s blog post I look at the latest data. In a press release issued on Tuesday, comScore indicated one third of U.S. mobile subscribers 13+ now own a smartphone based on the three-month average period ending May 2011. Drilling down further into the smartphone segment and looking at operating system (OS) … Read the...

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