Are QR Codes Right for Your Show?

Jul 26

QR codes should certainly be part of a marketer’s toolbox today. As with any tool, knowing when to use it is key so watch out for the “shiny object syndrome” here. Mobile barcodes can provide an incremental call-to-action. They can activate a print media campaign, and help exhibitors engage attendees at trade and consumer shows. Audi did a great job integrating QR codes into their … Read the...

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Wakestock 2012 Employs NFC RFID Ticketing

Jul 06

We are still very early in the Near Field Communications (NFC) story, but a deployment at this week’s Wakestock, one of the first of its kind in the UK, gives us a glimpse into the future of event ticketing, and potential benefits of this short-range, high-frequency RFID technology. When thousands of music and extreme sports fans attend Wakestock, Europe’s largest music and wakeboarding festival, … Read the...

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