An Inside Look at 100 Million Digital Ads Used to Drive Attendance

Mar 09

An Inside Look at 100 Million Digital Ads Used to Drive Attendance

The pandemic significantly affected global digital spend last year but the momentum has resumed and digital ad spend is expected to reach record levels in 2021!

An explosion in online video, OTT/CTV and digital audio consumption.  Continued growth in time spent online, especially with mobile.  More DOOH displays, data activation solutions and programmatic buying tools.  New rich media ad units.  The latest digital trends, media and technologies offer exciting and powerful opportunities for event marketers. 

There are also challenges, especially the phase out of third-party cookies, which will happen in less than a year.  This means BIG CHANGES to online advertising, including retargeting, a tactic widely used by show organizers.  Start adapting your strategy now so you are prepared for a third-party cookie-less world and avoid a major disruption to your visitor marketing.

We analyzed more than 100 million digital ads that we purchased using traditional and programmatic tools across the world for trade and consumer shows, exhibitions and other live events so that we can provide the best guidance to our clients – and we share ten insights with you along with practical tips.

We hope you enjoy our white paper and find some of the ideas helpful in driving attendance and maximizing value for your exhibitors and sponsors. DOWNLOAD NOW!


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