1,100 Exhibitor DMEXCO 2018 Kicks Off with Pre-Conference in the Sky, Partners with Lufthansa

Sep 12

1,100 Exhibitor DMEXCO 2018 Kicks Off with Pre-Conference in the Sky, Partners with Lufthansa

We are always on the lookout for innovative ideas from show organizers, and a unique program presented by DMEXCO and Lufthansa certainly caught our attention.

The annual digital marketing expo and conference, which attracts 40,000 visitors from 100+ countries, opened today in Cologne. However, industry professionals who wanted to get the ball rolling early were able to participate in an exclusive in-flight event on Sept. 10.

At the DMEXCO Lufthansa FlyingLab on flight LH401 from New York (JFK) to Frankfurt (FRA), participants enjoyed presentations by five speakers on current trends and innovations in digital marketing, technology and business.  The presentations were live streamed to participants at their seats via a Wi-Fi enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.  There was a Q&A session after each presentation in which participants were able to interact directly with speakers.

Participants were also able to test cutting-edge travel gadgets on board and get a head start on networking.  The networking started at a special reception at the departure gate at JFK Airport, where refreshments were served.  Participants were able to meet other participants and speakers.  They were also given their test device for the flight at the reception, and could check in for DMEXCO here as well.

Industry professionals that wanted to participate in this in-flight event simply booked a ticket for flight LH401 on Sept. 10 using a special discount code provided on the website.  Admission to DMEXCO was included for Lufthansa FlyingLab passengers on both days of the fair, and every participant received an exclusive invitation to the VIP Opening Party on Sept. 11.

“The Lufthansa FlyingLab is a great opportunity for our international guests to make use of the journey to DMEXCO to let fascinating speakers get them in the mood for topics such as blockchain, machine learning and robotics, and to establish contacts with other visitors from overseas on board,” said Dr. Dominik Matyka, Chief Advisor DMEXCO.

Lufthansa has created similar flight packages for other events, including APEX EXPO, which is being held in Boston later this month, and SXSW.

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