AFM 2019 Drives 150,000+ Video Views, Social Video Advertising Leads Category Spend

Nov 11

AFM 2019 Drives 150,000+ Video Views, Social Video Advertising Leads Category Spend

US digital advertising revenues reached their highest level in history for the first half of the year, and video was a major driver for this growth with spend up 36% year-over-year for 1H 2019, according to a new report from IAB and PwC US released several weeks ago.

Video advertising is a great way to share the experience of attending exhibitions and events and is an important part of the global digital strategy for Encore client, American Film Market (AFM).

Considering AFM’s video ads generated more than 150,000 views, many of the filmmakers, producers, directors, writers, buyers and other industry professionals from 80 countries currently attending Hollywood’s largest tradeshow probably saw one of them. 

Maximizing exposure of its videos to target audiences was a priority objective for the show organizer, and we are pleased to share with you seven takeaways from the video distribution strategy for AFM 2019.

(1) AFM used both paid and organic video distribution.

(2) Social video represented the largest share of the video ad spend for this year’s show, and outstream video advertising, specifically native, in-feed was the dominant format. 

(3) The show organizer also used instream video, specifically pre-roll across the web on non-social nets.

(4) Video ads were served across computers, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs – more than half of the video consumption occurred on mobile.

(5) AFM distributed its video to multiple audiences, including retargeting against its first party data, as well as prospecting against third party data based on multiple filters, including interest, industry and location.

(6) As each platform is different, AFM tailored its video distribution i.e. video assets and execution varied by platform.

(7) A layered frequency strategy, capping against both impressions and views, was used to manage distribution of certain video assets.

No matter how good your video is, it is not going to drive attendance by itself!  It needs to be married with a strong video distribution strategy, which includes maximizing social sharing.

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