boot Düsseldorf 2019 Leverages Attendee Loyalty Program

Mar 21

boot Düsseldorf 2019 Leverages Attendee Loyalty Program

We recently joined water sports enthusiasts and trade visitors from around the world at boot Düsseldorf, and want to share one of our takeaways: the, the show’s visitor community which has grown to 110,000 members.

It was hard to miss the promotion for the on the website, during the ticket buying process and while we were at the show.  We saw substantial marketing for the across digital and print media, including full page ads in on-site publications.

Visitors who signed up for the received reduced entrance fees to the show in the online shop, access to the lounge at the show, a free drink and Wi-Fi in the lounge, an anniversary gift in the lounge, and year-round exhibitor offers and drawings on

This reward structure offered immediate monetary savings and other benefits for the current show making it very easy to leverage this in driving attendance and participation in the program.  Longer term benefits can be valuable too but there is nothing like instant gratification to motivate action.

When we walked by the lounge there was a line to get in and large group of people inside so people were certainly taking advantage of this practical, immediate use membership benefit.

There was no cost to sign up but you needed to supply some data about yourself, including full contact information, and answer six demographic and interest related questions.

Here is the introduction the show organizer provided at the beginning of the registration process…

“As a fan of boot Düsseldorf, we will offer you an extensive range of services in the future. We are making our best efforts to make contact with you and maintain that contact in order to further expand and improve boot Düsseldorf along with the with your support. Naturally, this can only happen if we also know you a bit. For this reason, we are collecting some data and would like to kindly request you to answer the following questions.”

This type of marketing program is a win-win!  It provides immediate value to visitors and can help show organizers boost brand affinity, drive ticket sales and capture valuable first party data which can be used to better target and personalize attendee marketing.

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