1.2 Million Square Foot Miami Yacht Show 2018 Uses Online Video Ads to Complement Linear TV

Mar 28

1.2 Million Square Foot Miami Yacht Show 2018 Uses Online Video Ads to Complement Linear TV

People’s voracious appetite for video content is growing so fast that in just three years Cisco projects one million minutes of video content will cross the Internet every second.

The billions of online video views that are occurring daily are presenting exciting new advertising opportunities and driving the rapid growth of the video advertising channel, which is expected to grow 21% globally in 2018, according to Zenith’s annual Online Video Forecasts report.

In order to embrace changing media consumption habits and the latest advertising opportunities, Encore client, Miami Yacht Show, added in-stream video ads to the traditional linear TV ad buy for its 2018 edition last month, which featured more than 1.2 million square feet of yachts, superyachts and marine technology & accessories.

Here are 5 key takeaways from the campaign…

(1) The show organizer delivered its online video to tens of thousands of people in its target audience at extremely favorable cost efficiencies based on video ad inventory supply and demand factors and cost-per-view (CPV) buying.

(2) By focusing only on the traditional TV screen, the Miami Yacht Show would have missed a lot of potential views. Pursuing a multi-screen approach enabled the organizer to reach potential attendees across TV as well as computer, tablet and smartphone, which maximized reach.

(3) The multi-screen deployment also reinforced the show’s messaging through increased frequency as its TV spots and online video ads ran at the same time.  Frequency capping was used for the online video buying so reach was not sacrificed for unnecessary frequency.

(4) Programmatic buying enabled the organizer to serve its video ads to people who previously visited the show website through its global retargeting campaign, as well as to new attendee prospects by using third-party data for interest based targeting.

(5) Granular data on ad delivery, views, video completion rates, and other engagement metrics provided valuable feedback which will be used to optimize future ad spend.

No matter how great your video, it is still only as good as your ability to get it in front of your target audience – and the way to maximize reach today is to deploy across all screens.

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